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The Bullet Proof Manager is a unique and proprietary training program designed to enhance the management and leadership skills of executives, managers and supervisors. A recent Crestcom survey showed that 98 percent of Bullet Proof Manager training participants indicated that the program met or exceeded their expectations. Our training generates results and is changing the way businesses motivate, communicate and help managers succeed. Many of our franchise owners admit that it motivates them to help build more leaders and, in turn, generate more sales.

How it Works

Each half-day Bullet Proof Manager training session concentrates on 2 different skill topics each month. The sessions are held in two, two-hour sessions for a period of 12 consecutive months. At the end of 12 months, participants will have taken part in 48 hours of classroom activity.

Each session begins with a video presentation featuring one of Crestcom’s renowned Faculty Experts, who is a leading authority in their field. The video is directly followed by 90 minutes of practical exercises that demonstrate how the skill can be applied to the workplace. This is followed by a second half-hour video presentation featuring another Video Faculty Expert who present on the second skill, followed by another 90 minutes of practical application and exercises.

Sample training topics include:

  • Make conflict work for you, not against you
  • Give – and receive – effective feedback
  • Seven steps to effective delegation

Meet our world-renown Faculty Experts!

Faculty Expert, Dr. Kimberly Alyn



Franchisee Testimonials

“Crestcom allows me to work out of the home, earning a high income. I am my children’s room-mom, soccer coach and I help with my kids’ homework. All of this while increasing my family cash-flow.”

- Jennifer Goodrich, former Corporate Strategist

“I was tired of the 60 to 70 hour work weeks and I saw the result of Crestcom training first-hand as I put most of my management team through the training and was amazed at the results! With Crestcom I can work from home. There are no hassles or daily fires to put out. There are great people in the organization who are willing to help you succeed.”

- Mike Pinto, former Managing Director, Elmer’s Products, Inc.; Canada

“I really love hearing from my clients about how they have benefited from their participation in the Bullet Proof Manager program and what it has meant to them personally. I also really enjoy hearing from their bosses about how they’ve seen these individuals grow and develop. We all want to help people, and when you get those types of comments and that feedback, it’s very rewarding.”

- Bill Winkler, Franchise Owner

“Because of Crestcom, my work/life balance is way better than it used to be. My wife lives the ‘corporate life.’ One reason that she can take full benefits out of her career is the fact that I am flexible time-wise. I can do all kinds of necessary things to keep the household running (picking up the kids, doing some of the shopping, etc.). That way, there is a nice balance in our family. We do not have the stress that you normally find in families where both parents have full corporate careers.”

- Rutger Bierens de Haan; Netherlands

“When I left Pitney Bowes, I knew I wanted a business-to-business franchise that provided an earnings opportunity that would be able to equal or exceed my prior income and had a quality product I could believe in. Crestcom was the business-to-business franchise I found that fit both those criteria.”

- Bob Weber, former Pitney Bowes Executive

“Having owned a company which employed 100 people, I was looking for a business with low overhead and few employees. With Crestcom, I can operate the business out of my home, either by myself or with a few associates. I have been able to accomplish all my business objectives while spending three months a year skiing in Colorado.”

- Harvey Kramer, Annapolis Graduate, Naval Officer

“My favorite part of this business is the training sessions. When I am with my clients and I am trying to help them discover the big, untapped talent they have, this is an amazing part of this business.”

- Gerardo Hurtado, Franchise Owner